Planting and Landscaping

Shrubs, plants, flowers, Trees

Uniquely designed plantings will help put the finishing touch on your outdoor living space. Whether paired with a really nice hardscape area or water feature or just on their own the plants add their own special touch to your property.


God has created plants of many different beautiful colors and shapes of the deciduous and evergreen variety, and we like to use as many different varieties as possible.


We will design for you a combination of flowering shrubs and perennials that bloom throughout the growing season as well as evergreen specimens that will give you some cheerful color in the bleak days of Winter.

Landscape Plantings

We incorporate as many plants as possible, into our designs that require little to no maintenance whenever possible. Certain plants can attract wildlife from butterflies to birds, which many people find to be a very relaxing past time. The songs and different colors of birds of all types, plus the butterflies and other wildlife provide a natural woods-like environment to your home’s outdoor areas.

Plantings can be multi-functional as well. Besides using them to soften your hardscapes, to attract birds and butterflies, they can also provide a natural privacy screen or hedge. Larger trees will give you much needed shade in the hot summers that we tend to have.


Some of the benefits of having plants are:


Soften the design of hardscapes

Attract wildlife such as birds and butterflies

Shade in the hot summers

Provide natural privacy screens

We hope you choose us based upon our meticulous care and creative and colorful designs for your plantings

We will fix whatever drainage problems you may have and provide you with top notch lawn and bed maintenance.

Landscape Design

The proper landscape design can really compliment a superbly designed hardscape. Or on its own it can really beautify a home's foundation boundaries or open areas. There are many styles and an assortment of different plants/ trees to choose from. Boulders and lighting will put the finishing touches on a planting schematic.

Properly designed planting beds will add great enjoyment and value to a home. Many plants and trees attract butterflies, birds, and other interesting wildlife. We design our plantings to be full of color year-round, low to no maintenance, and different textures with our own unique touch.

Privacy property line beds do not need to be ho hum. They can be a mix of deciduous, evergreen specimens with perennials to accent them. For whatever purpose you are looking to have plantings installed, let us design the one for you.

Landscaping Services

General landscaping tasks that we also perform are:

Seeding and sodding (Sodding provides you with “instant” grass)

Grading and drainage solutions

Dry riverbed swales as well as downspout re-routing

French drains

Immaculate Lawn maintenance

Expert Snow removal

Shrubbery bed edging and mulching

Pruning of shrubbery

Words of testimony
from our clients

"We are so happy with how everything looks! It was far better than we visualized. All the plants really look great, your design was great. Thank you for working with our ideas and brining them into the project."

Vince and Dana D. / North Coventry Township