Outdoor lighting

The Color
of Night.

Outdoor lighting has really gotten popular in the last 10 years and provides a fabulous finishing touch to the outdoor landscape. There are spotlights, path lights, inset paver lights, under cap wall lights. These lights help to light up your pathway or patio, and/or steps providing you with safety while walking at night. They also beautifully accentuate your planting beds, retaining walls.

Low voltage lighting

There are spotlights that will shine on some specimen plants or trees and/or landscape boulders to add enhancement to the landscape. There are also under cap lights which not only provide ambiance under a pillar cap, but also give off enough light to help you safely traverse outdoor steps. There are also low voltage lights that permanently attach to the cap of a pillar to help light up your patio.

None of these lights will overwhelm or blur your vision. They provide just enough illumination to make your outdoor living space transform into “the color of night.” Many different styles are available to fit your own personal taste. Transformers for these lights can be hidden easily within the landscape or even mounted inside your home. They are programmable so that you can set the times that you would like them to turn on and off. This also provides a safety feature in that, if you are on vacation they will turn on giving your home the appearance that someone is there.

Outdoor Lighting is the icing on the cake to your outdoor living space.

Let low voltage lighting make your beautiful landscape "come alive" after dark. You can use alone or a combination of path lights, spotlights, under cap lighting and even lights inset in your pavers to direct your path,showcase some centerpiece plantings and light up your steps and walls.Outdoor sound systems will enable you to enjoy the music of whatever genre you like while spending time in your outdoor landscape environment.

Outdoor Sound Systems

Much like outdoor lighting, outdoor sound systems are very affordable and growing quickly in popularity. They use the same technology of low voltage wire and also incorporate wireless technology. Speakers can be programmed to your own personal music apps or even to play your favorite radio station or cd. They are easily hidden in to the landscape so that you can not see them. This added feature will help you further enjoy your patio area with friends and your family and can even transform your patio into a dance floor!

Words of testimony
from our clients

"We'd like to thank you for the beautiful front yard you did for us recently. Wow, what a wonderful elegance plan you gave us. The hardscaping, landscaping, and lighting look great! Hats off to your wonderful crew.  Jesus and the rest of the men did a wonderful job! They worked quickly and cleanly. Four weeks later, I'm still getting compliments from passers-by. I'm thinking the backyard is next, Thanks again."

Cher and Ted Morse/ Birdsboro, PA


"The lighting really brightens the landscape at night! So cool! We really enjoy the plantings in the daylight, now we can enjoy them at night as well! Your men did an awesome job. Jesus and Alex were great to work with! They are very detailed and friendly."

Joe and Terri/Shillington, PA


"You were right when you said that the low voltage lights would really light up the pond and waterfalls. Now we can enjoy the beautiful waterfalls at night too. Thanks so much, Bill and I really are thrilled."

Bill and Judy G/ Douglassville, PA