Unique Features

Outdoor Play. Courts, Pergolas, Flagpoles, Mailboxes

We enjoy being creative when given the opportunity. It sets your landscape apart from the rest, all the while serving a specific function and giving you added joy when observing and using your outdoor living spaces. Tell us your hobbies and background and we can design something that will help you to further enjoy your project.

Types of Residential Back Yard Enhancements

There are many different designs or projects that can be done utilizing pavers and retaining wall block and other hardscape, landscape and natural stone materials. These different projects will help your project to be exceptional and to stand out from the rest. Some examples are:

Basketball/sports playing surfaces


Designs within a patio or driveway


Flagpole surrounds

Mailbox enclosures

We strive to be different.

When creating a plan, we strive to be different, by adding our own distinctive design to each job.

Words of testimony
from our clients

"The Flagpole wall surround really does a good job detailing the whole overall design. Thanks!"

Jim M. Exeter, PA


"You did a great job incorporating the Chevy symbol into my patio. It looks just like it."

Marc. Schankweiler. /Douglassville, PA

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