Retaining walls & steps

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls come in various types and shapes, sizes. They can be constructed out of manufactured block to natural boulders, natural stone types. They also serve multiple functions. From retaining an embankment, to use as a seating area- there are many different ways to make use of a retaining wall. Whether you need steps or a retaining wall or both to solve your grade dilemma, Solid Rock promises to build you a strong, fully functional, and pleasing solution.

Hardscape and Masonry Stone Retaining Walls

With the rolling hills and varying grades of Southeastern Pa. retaining walls are a requirement many times in the landscape. Retaining walls should be aesthetically pleasing while still serving their main function. With the ongoing boom of new wall products in the landscape industry, you have a good amount of selection to choose from. Some block are more for effect while some are designed to hold back a sizable embankment.

Retaining walls serve different purposes.

Some for sitting, some for pure aesthetics, others to retain a small or steep embankment. We will design and build just the right one for your landscaping needs.

Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone dry stack walls provide a beautiful look to the landscape while retaining what is needed. They are really good for shorter walls where aesthetics are as important as the function. Strong support is formed with clean stone and interlocking stone to ensure that the wall will not fail and collapse. We have been installing walls of all types for over 30 years, creating walls that are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Hardscape Walls That Look Like Natural Stone Walls

Many clients would prefer the look of a natural stone wall but a formed and faced concrete block wall is a better option. Hardscape manufacturers understand this and have created many different style walls that fit this need. These block represent the look of natural stone very authentically, provide a very pleasing end product which mimics the look of natural stone.


Stone Steps

Steps can also be easily created using natural stone flat boulders or manufactured step blocks. Steps are often a necessity within the landscape to travel up and down the grade of your yard. Steps will tie in nicely with a retaining wall, and help to hold the earth back, all the while providing a path to the top or bottom of your landscape.

Hardscape Steps

There are many different types of hardscape steps. Some risers and treads are constructed from one large slab. We also build steps using different types of hardscape block as the riser. We use a retaining wall cap or bullnose paver as the tread. There are many different style caps to use for the tread.
An ideal step is 6" high. Safely you could go as low as roughly 4" and as high as 7.75" as a general rule of thumb. Many hardscape blocks are 6" high so they work well for steps. Steps can be curved or straight with many different styles.

We are certified

by the National Concrete and Masonry Association in retaining wall construction.

This means we build our walls to meet their rigid standards for retaining wall construction, in turn giving you the peace of mind that your wall will stand the tests of time. We provide a written guarantee as well on all our work.


Words of testimony
from our clients

"Our E.P. Henry wall looks really good. You and your crew did and excellent job. We have no more washout problems."

Matt and Lydia J. / Exeter, PA

"Our E.P. Henry wall and plantings really finish our outside space wonderfully! They really compliment our home. We are going have you back to do the patio and back yard next year."

Mr. and Mrs. Don T. / Douglassville, PA

"The steps and patio you installed really solved the problem. We can now access our yard much easier, it looks so nice as well. Thank You."

Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. / Douglassville, PA

"Wow! In three weeks we have a complete landscape. The paver patio, natural boulder steps, retaining wall and fireplace and plantings all compliment each other so well."

Mr. and Mrs. Dave M. / Sanatoga, PA

"What an undertaking my wall project was! You and your team handled it with ease, complete professionalism! I didn't know how you would get your vehicles and equipment in off of crazy busy Providence Road but you had no problems! The wall looks fabulous. The swale you created behind it now takes all the water away. Thank you! My grading issues are solved."

Mrs. Judy S. Springfield Delaware County

"The huge wall you built looks tremendous! With the methods you used to build it, I'm sure it won't be going anywhere. It solved a major water issue that we were having and looks great in the process."

John and Missy S. Exeter